We currently offer fresh baby green powerhouses:

 - wheat-grass

 - sunflower greens

 - pea shoots

 - Daikon radish micro-greens


Available by the flat or by the pound.

Flats are standard 1020 trays. 11"x21". All trays are $15 each.

Pounds come freshly pre-cut. $16/lb.

     - Also available in 1/4lb. and 1/2lb. bags.


 - Try our bean sprout mix-$3 for 6oz container. Alive and growing!

     - Contains mung, adzuki, garbanzo, black-eyed pea, green lentil, and french lentil.

     -  All organic seed.


 - Hard winter wheat $3/lb

 - Black-oil Sunflower $6/lb

 - Peas for shoots $6/lb.

 - Daikon radish $9/lb.

*All seeds come from certified organic source.



 - LEXAN Healthy Juicer (Manual) $55 each

 - Nylon hand squeezed juicer/nut milk strainer bag. $

     -- Works like the NorWalk, except requires elbow grease.  Blend and strain all fruits, veggies, and

        greens with this gallon size nylon fine mesh bag.


 Fermented food:

  - Raw Saurkraut $9 by the pint $15 by the quart

         -- Ingredients: Local, organic cabbage and pink Himalayan salt.

         -- Never any preservatives, vinegar, or added water.

         -- Seasonal varieties available depending on what local produce works it's way into the


        -- Price does not include $2 refundable bottle deposit.

 Fresh Juices and Beverages:

  - Vitality Blast Green Juice $8 by the pint $16 by the quart.

        -- Fresh pressed, always chemical-free ingredients.  Local and seasonal, ever-changing

           fruit and leafy green blend.

        -- Could include grapefruit, lemon, starfruit, fennel, raddichio, dandelion, chicory, endive,

           sunflower greens, pea shoots, fenugreek sprouts, parsley, cilantro, mint, etc, etc..

       -- Specially fresh packed to eliminate as much oxygen as possible in container keeps juice

          vital for 2-3 days.  We recommend drinking it all the day you receive it!

       -- Bring bottle back for $1 off next purchase.

  - Sprouted sunflower seed milk.......$6 by the pint and $11 by the quart

     -- Vanilla-Maca--sunflower seeds, vanilla bean, maca powder, and honey

     -- Chocolate--sunflower seeds, vanilla bean, cacao powder, and honey

     -- All organic, highest quality ingredients.  Loaded with energy and taste.  Always freshly

        made the day you receive it. Use within 3-4 days.

     -- Bring bottle back for $1 off next purchase.


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