Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide fresh living food to those in need.  Working locally to efficiently use available resources.  Reducing, reusing, and recycling as often as we can.  Educating through action and providing health and happiness to as many as possible.

a little bit about us

URBAN GREENS started in Tampa (c2008) by Michael Urban.


 About Michael

Born and raised in Seminole, FL, one of the rare remaining natives to the St. Petersburg area.  Michael has been sprouting for himself and friends for more than 12 years.  A student straight from the gourmet kitchen and raw food world, most of his life has been spent working behind the scenes at restaurants all over the country, specializing in creating vegan delights.  At some point Michael saw the importance of fresh, local, chemical-free produce and wanted to learn more about how to grow it.  In 2003 he found Sweetwater Organic Farm in Tampa, the only organic CSA in the area.  After managing the farm until 2006 to pursue other self-interests (massage school, travel, etc), he ended up in Aguada, Puerto Rico with a job in the greenhouse and farm at The Ann Wigmore Institute.  A lot of lessons unfolded there.  The clear benefits of living a life full of wheat-grass juice, sunflower greens, and other living food were more than inspiring.  These experiences were not only life-changing for the multitudes of guests and students that came through the institute but also for Michael.  An answer was reached in the message he wanted to share with the world and Urban Greens formed.  After a successful market season that first year 2008 into 2009, Michael took a break to travel more.  Learning more about growing shiitake mushrooms in the mountains of North Carolina as well as returning to western Puerto Rico for a brief visit, he ended up in Playa Samara, Costa Rica.  There he was called to help start a raw food bed and breakfast near the beach, went on to prepare daily meals for guests of Cascada Verde in Uvita, studied medicinal tropical herbs with Ed Bernhart outside of San Isidro, and eventually returned to the states inspired to again create beauty here.  The traveling didn't stop as he had opportunity to spend a spring, summer, and fall in Maine. There he further studied medicinal mushrooms, forestry, birds, and worked side by side friends on their small farm projects.  Returning again to his home in St. Petersburg, FL in 2011.

Now he brings health and happiness to Pinellas County again, offering delicious and nutritious baby greens, sprouts, micro-greens, and seasonal specialties like citrus, avocados, mangoes, and more.  A true love for Florida is the inspiration..  Our year-round growing season, sub-tropical fruit, and mild winters is what keeps him moving.  A passion to share information and continually learn is what brings him to market weekly.  Local support is greatly appreciated and likewise inspiring.


We are always looking for new working members to our community.  If you are interested in learning more and/or becoming a part of the Urban Greens team, send us an email..